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Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs, are any business’s best friend. By providing expert Human Resource services, payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, and assisting with compliance issues under state and federal law, PEOs allow small businesses to improve productivity and profitability, to focus on their core mission, and to grow.

Through a PEO, the employees of small businesses gain access to big-business employee benefits such as: 401(k) plans; health, dental, life, and other insurance; dependent care; and other benefits they might not typically receive as employees of a small company.

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About Us:

As a result of meeting with hundreds of business owners, practice administrators, and doctors, we had our “aha moment”.  One of the challenges most often mentioned was just how difficult and frustrating it was becoming to attract and retain top talent.  Administrators and doctors did not realize that if they simply offered better benefit options to their employees, the attrition rate would greatly diminish.  In many cases, they have been paying too much for their HR services and were not even aware of some of the amazing options available today – at a far better value.

Eye Deal Solutions has partnered with many of the TOP Professional Employer Organizations (called PEOs or HR Outsourcing Companies) in the world, emulating traditional “independent” insurance agents and brokers.  In simple terms, we find out what your needs are and MATCH them with the best HR solutions available.  Our partners offer just about everything that you need, including payroll, benefits, HR tools and support, 401k and retirement, workers compensation, tax compliance, recruiting, and more.  Let us help bring your HR into FOCUS!

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Our PEO partners provide accurate and reliable payroll, compliance support, and payroll tax filing. They will process your payroll, manage deductions, simplify time-tracking, and help you get a handle on compliance, records, and reports. In addition, they will also streamline employment verification, onboarding, PTO approval, and employee access to paystubs, W-2s, and benefits info.


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Reduce or eliminate employee-related paperwork that drains your valuable time and conduct HR activities securely and efficiently. Gain access to the top-rated HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) platforms on the market today and can get one-on-one help with creating an employee handbook, job descriptions, as well as employee training and performance management.


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Attract and retain top talent with access to big business, Fortune 500 type benefits like Health and medical, dental, vision, life insurance, long and short-term disability, employee assistance programs, 401(k), and yes, even pet insurance! A PEO can also help to administrate these benefits and provide user-friendly electronic onboarding and dashboards.


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Technology and Specialized Services

Cloud-based, web-based, and mobile app solutions offer time and attendance tracking, hire/applicant tracking, electronic onboarding, performance management tracking, and online learning modules that integrate with all of an extensive suite of services, all designed to simplify your compliance and people’s needs.


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Workers’ Compensation

Get access to cost-efficient coverage and hand off the administration and coordination of your claims. No more deposits or audits to drain your time.


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PEOs are HR experts with many years of experience that guide them through the ins and outs of employee-related compliance issues. Simply stated, PEOs can mitigate risks, reduce liabilities, and ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. A great PEO can help make sure you and your employees are protected from injury and potential litigation.


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Our Mission

Our mission at EyeDeal Solutions is to extend the best human resource solutions to health care providers and other business owners, saving them time and money while recruiting and retaining top employees.

Client Testimonial

We realized two key challenges that needed to be addressed. First, we could not attract the level of talent that we wanted because our benefits and HR package were not as strong as they needed to be. Second, we were spending more time handling HR internally than we even realized. By partnering with the right PEO for us, our problems were solved! Strongly recommend this third-party approach to any business or medical practice that wants to offload the headache of HR, benefits, payroll, and workers’ compensation.

Ray Sievert
Executive Vice President
Tracey Technologies

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EyeDeal Solutions aspires to be every medical provider’s partner. We are here to find the most ideal PEO and HR Solution to alleviate the stress upon the HR and Payroll Administration, allowing clients to utilize their resources to focus on business growth, staff recruitment, and business expansion.

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of employees said that having a benefits package is extremely or very important to their employer loyality.


of employees would rather have new or additional benefits instead of a pay increase.


of employees said that the ability to customize benefits increases their loyalty and a staggering


of employees said that improving their benefits package would keep them in their jobs!

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